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10 Most Ferocious Animals

10 Most Ferocious Animals

Sun Bear

Bear e1372268681202 10 Most Ferocious Animals


Bears have some of the most unpleasant in the animal kingdom. While the brown bear comes immediately to mind as the most ferocious and dangerous bruin, it is actually a gentle giant compared to the true black sheep of the ursine rogue gallery. Weighing only 65 kilograms and measuring 1.5 meters in length, the Asian Sun Bear is the smallest bear species in the world, and the most ferocious, teeth large in proportion to body size. This little beast is the fiercest bear on the planet and attack humans without provocation. Several fatal maulings occurred from an animal considered by some as the most dangerous in the jungle. Unfortunately for the jungle, this keystone predator is endangered.


Saltwater Crocodile

Crocodile e1372269640728 10 Most Ferocious Animals

Forget the “gentle giant”-The world’s largest reptile also has the most ferocious disposition. The saltwater crocodiles reach a length of more than seven meters (23 feet) and can weigh up to 2,000 kilograms (4,400 pounds). Possession of immense jaws capable of biting world’s most powerful, full maturity “Saltie” the murderer is not only more capable physically of reptiles, but is considered the most aggressive, active predator and territorial crocodile species. This super-reptile tends to see human prey as a simple meal and casual rather consumed by humans in sight. Saltwater crocodiles can destroy ships and kill large animals and human intruders during the defense of the territory.


Least Weasel


Weasels are Rad e1372270394518 10 Most Ferocious Animals


The weasel is the world’s smallest carnivores. Just as the Sun Bear is the bear smaller, but more aggressive, the smallest carnivore is also the fiercest hunter, pound for pound. Weighing only a few grams and measures about 20 inches, the incredibly aggressive, least weasel sized hamster is able to kill a European rabbit to five times its own size. With the huge size difference, the bug appears more as a parasite of a predator as it engages the neck of their prey are larger and drains the blood from the jugular vein. The weasel also kill any small bird, amphibian or mammal encounters a crushing bite. The same ferocity can be used in territorial defense.


Common Shrew


Shrew1 e1372359423249 10 Most Ferocious Animals


“The Taming of the Shrew” is an excellent title for a comedy of Shakespeare, would be almost impossible to civilize these insectivores something bloodthirsty. Shrews resemble mice, but, in fact, in connection with hedgehogs as a member of insectivore. Shrews are known for their incredibly high metabolism, which gives them an extraordinary very nervous and vicious disposition. Shrews must eat constantly, and in order to keep themselves savagely attack prey twice its own size, including mice, fish and frogs. Shrews can inject venom when they bite, but usually kill by crushing the skull base. Shrew attack is very dangerous for any animal that approaches, but the bugs are so high strung that have been known to drop dead from the stress of surprise before they can savage his opponent.




Wolverine e1372271286668 10 Most Ferocious Animals


It resembles a miniature bear, the Wolverine is actually the largest member of the weasel family. This rugged beast with jaws of iron is known to possess almost demonic ferocity far out of proportion to the size of the animal. While some species are characterized by direct aggression, the Wolverine is distinguished as a public enemy through his absolute lack of fear while hunting. Weight 15-30 kg, is covered weasel has been known to reduce the deer, elk and mountain goats on a spectacular David and Goliath routine predation. Attacks on humans are devastating and can be fatal, but fortunately, this murderer hermit rarely meets man. Wolverines take advantage of the Wildcats, and will even challenge the bears in territorial disputes.


Black Mamba


black mamba e1372271884143 10 Most Ferocious Animals


Wrapped in the color of death and that measures more than 14 feet in length, the Black Mamba is considered as one of the planet’s fiercest snakes. It is also one of the most poisonous. The Black Mamba is a habitat generalist, which means it can occur at any temperature within its range in Africa, including wetlands, grasslands, and even villages. Unlike many animals, who simply have an anger problem, Black Mambas are driven by an extreme form of aggression based on fear. Being overly nervous, the slightest sense that the escape route of the snake is in danger may trigger an attack of unprecedented ferocity. As if that were not enough, a 20 km (12.4 miles) per hour, the Black Mamba is also one of the world’s fastest snake.


Bull Shark


Bull Shark e1372272460103 10 Most Ferocious Animals


It may come as a surprise that the bull shark, and the great white shark or tiger shark wins the “worst in the water” award. The bull shark is equipped with a very aggressive personality, and in fact is considered by scientists as the most ferocious fish in the world. Devotion shark to attack humans in shallow water has led to many deaths and may be the culprit of a series of mysterious disappearances. The fish is extremely fierce strongest bite of all sharks, with a force of 6,000 Newtons. Even more troubling, the shark can adapt to freshwater, and has appeared in a number of rivers and lakes in warmer regions, and the streets still flooded.


Northern Goshawk: The Red-eyed Terror


Goshawk1 e1372274883195 10 Most Ferocious Animals


The hawk is the largest forest hawks eat birds, with a wingspan of 4 meters. Red eyes fierce, dark gray feathers and claws to take down large prey huge add to his terrifying appearance. Its very territorial behavior presents a danger and ferocity amazing exhibits feathers. If a child appears to be a threat to goshawk nest, this ferocious raptor launch and deliver blows ripping scalp. The Azor is an endangered species in some countries due to persecution and habitat loss, but his tendency to turn into something that has the slightest threat shows that are still very skilled in self defense. Even more troubling, often begin Azores eat large prey such as ducks while still alive.

Gray Wolf


Wolves e1372275164498 10 Most Ferocious Animals


The wolf has been featured in a number of widely exaggerated legends proving their alleged ferocity throughout history. The counterattack of information and promotion of the peaceful elements of personality lupine exceeded the terrible drama of the past. What has been lost sight of the true ferocity of the wolf that conspired to create the legends in the first place. To break down large prey such as moose, wolves attack in packs, adhering to the mouth of the canyon and tear pieces off, causing the prey to bleed. Wolves can start feeding before the prey is dead. Human beings are not totally safe from wolves and attacks, although rare in North America, are more frequent in Russia.


Wild Boar


Wild Boar e1372275476679 10 Most Ferocious Animals


Like the gray wolf remains a totally wild version of our domestic dogs, feral pigs we got our household present a stark contrast and sometimes extremely dangerous for the pet. Boars are found in Europe and western Asia, inhabiting a variety of forest and agricultural habitats. While our habit of eating pork makes us think of them as prey, the boar is a hunter in his own right, and may even reduce the deer. These animals humans frequently place in the race with a bad temper and tendency to attack a fierce gust of razor sharp fangs. Boar Charges can sometimes be fatal due to the power and mass of angry animals, which can respond with force to any perceived invasion of the territory.

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