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10 weirdest Sandwich in the World

10 weirdest Sandwich in the World

10. Mobile Sandwich

It is appropriate because we are in the era of development where modern gadgets latest breakthrough in particular mobile phones are in the spotlight. It was actually modeled in a typical mobile phone has numeric keypad base in the form of cheese and cut a slice of ham which serves as the screen. For those who can not leave their home phone, this could bring if they feel they need to grab something to fill their stomachs, and keep the cravings away. You do not need to reload as it is an energetic best for your body.

10. Mobile Sandwich e1351780761600 10 weirdest Sandwich in the World

9. Exercise Sandwich

If you are health conscious and do not want to get an inch of width to your waistline and not even a row of ugly fat in your body, you may be tempted to have a bite of sandwich exercise remind you to exercise every day. This is a creative way to form two four circles of a loaf of bread and place ham and cheese between two slices surrounded toaster and a stick of bread to form a bar or dumbbells. You might even imagine having a well-trained muscles. The only difference is that you exercise your mouth to eat well while enjoying the many delicious healthy sandwich.

9. Exercise Sandwich e1351780740205 10 weirdest Sandwich in the World

8. Card Sandwich

Enjoy playing your favorite card games, and make a sandwich literal card using a loaf of ordinary bread and trimming down the outer layer of one or crust. In the middle of it using your favorite brand of cheese while painting a diamond or a spade using a subtle type of sandwich spread black and red color. Use all your game intensifies, but not to be confused that you may put your own sandwich down. Provided that you do not want to eat, you must eat, but do not eat real cards.

8. Card Sandwich e1351780731766 10 weirdest Sandwich in the World

7. Big Bite Sandwich

You would be fed when you see it a unique event where you could not only have a free sandwich taste, but a bite from big sandwich of your choice. There is a saying that people’s appetite is enhanced if they have few people to share food they have. It’s fun to eat while you are in the company of family and friends, what more if it is a community event that you would not be well fed, but you have the chance to meet new friends. Hopefully this will happen again in this day coming sandwich in America.

7. Big Bite Sandwich e1351780716268 10 weirdest Sandwich in the World

6. Artistic Sandwich

If you love music and you’re a fan of it, you can reinvent, as this artistic sandwich that has been copied and pattern with bread, ham, cheese and other ingredients that you can use to com-up in the same instrument. Before you scratch humming a song, you win, you have to eat while playing your favorite song.

6. Artistic Sandwich e1351780701993 10 weirdest Sandwich in the World

5. Hand Sandwich

You could take a few minutes or more than an hour to prepare the sandwiches hand because you have to make the dough and fill it with a variety of toppings to make a delicious hand for you. I want to make a delicious sandwich. You could model after if the size of your hands, or create a mold in hand where you can pour the mixture to your dough to begin cooking. You could even make a smaller version of it or have a family sandwiches according to their hand size hand.

5. Hand Sandwich e1351780693800 10 weirdest Sandwich in the World

4. Fearful Sandwich

Since it is November, you can prepare for your Halloween Party post with your craziest and creepiest Halloween costumes. All you have to do, as the sandwich in hand, it is to make a paste and the middle part of it is thickly sliced ​​ham or meat and wrist portion can be placed an effect of a red sauce or ketchup appears that this is a hand cut. You can also use edible beans and other types of seeds that you could use your fingers and create an edible ring that you can put in the ring finger of your sandwich fear.

4. Fearful Sandwich e1351780683282 10 weirdest Sandwich in the World

3. World’s Smallest Sandwich

This is actually the smallest pastrami sandwich. I know you would need to get dozens or more of it to really enjoy the taste and feel of it. It’s like eating a candy to keep your appetite away. It could be bits of food pica you can prepare light snacks in the evening party. It is if you’re willing to try at home or in one of your preparations sandwiches.

3. World’s Smallest Sandwich e1351780674576 10 weirdest Sandwich in the World

2. Rubik’s Cube Sandwich

It is modeled from the Rubik’s Cube, but maintaining its shape sandwich. The ingredients used are two kinds of cheddar cheese, pastrami, salami, and pork fat. You just have to put everything in a regular type of bread, and start slicing the cube of Rubik. Do not worry, you do not need to make it match the colors of the squares, you just eat it because it fits your hungry stomach.

2. Rubik’s Cube Sandwich e1351780661772 10 weirdest Sandwich in the World

1. The Dadwich

Your father will appreciate this sandwich staff dad is called Dadwich. You will just need to fried onions, cheddar, Swiss, and grilled steak, and place a polo shirt with your dad his favorite drink. You can do it if it’s his birthday or Father’s Day celebration. It would surely touch her heart in a very personal way

1. The Dadwich e1351780649843 10 weirdest Sandwich in the World

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