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15 Most Amazing Atmosphere of the Earth

15 Most Amazing Atmosphere of the Earth

#15 The Sphere We Live In

443 15 Most Amazing Atmosphere of the Earth


The troposphere is the lowest layer and it is one that gives us most of our time. It contains about 4/5 of the air of the Earth. It is a thin layer altogether, compared to others, which extends only to the height of 11 miles at the equator and even less to the Poles. The name “troposphere” comes from the Greek word for “mixture”, because that is exactly what is happening here with the air currents.

#14 Earth’s Protective Blanket

444 15 Most Amazing Atmosphere of the Earth


In addition to providing us with oxygen which gives life, the atmosphere of the Earth is our protective covering. It is the buffer that most meteors burn away. This is a screen deadly cosmic radiation. In addition, it is the reason why we can communicate using radio waves, because it bounces the waves long distances around the world. The air that accomplishes this is composed of five main layers.

#13 The Sphere of the Baumgartner’s Jump

445 15 Most Amazing Atmosphere of the Earth

Stratosphere became famous in 2012 when the Red Bull Stratos project took place. This layer of the atmosphere extends about 30 miles and includes the ozone layer, a very important thing that blocks most of the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. This layer is warmer than the troposphere below due to the energy absorbed by the UV rays.

#12 Red Bull Stratos

446 15 Most Amazing Atmosphere of the Earth


Felix Baumgartner is an Austrian skydiver who loves to jump and beat the Guinness World Records. October 14, 2012, the world baited breath when they saw Felix jump from a helium balloon suspended up to 24 miles into the stratosphere. He became the first person who broke the sound barrier without any power vehicles on the descent.

#11 The Middle Sphere

447 15 Most Amazing Atmosphere of the Earth


While the stratosphere is relatively warm place to be, mesosphere ceases to be a welcoming place with temperatures as low as -180 degrees Fahrenheit. It covers approximately 52 miles high. This is where meteors usually burn, and we must thank mesosphere to the surface of the Earth that is not pockmarked with craters from meteorites as the moon.

#10 Welcome to the Ionosphere

448 15 Most Amazing Atmosphere of the Earth

#9 The Outer Sphere

449 15 Most Amazing Atmosphere of the Earth


Exosphere is the last frontier of the Earth’s atmosphere. It extends outwardly until it interacts with the solar wind, which compresses. Due to the constant movement, the thickness of this layer is significantly different. It can be anywhere on 6,200 miles to 620 miles!

#8 Where Does the Meteorological Magic Happen?

450 15 Most Amazing Atmosphere of the Earth


The weather is mostly limited to the troposphere. This is the result of radiation from the sun and the rotation of the Earth. Winds, also known as drafts are produced here, and they are causing climate change. The highest average annual temperature was recorded in Ethiopia to 94 degrees Fahrenheit and the bottom was in Siberia, -94 degrees Fahrenheit.

#7 Beware of the Falling Sky!

451 15 Most Amazing Atmosphere of the Earth


Well, the sky is not really falling, but the clouds are. Puffy cumulus clouds form at the top of rising air columns. Because warm air moves upwards and clouds seem to stay in the same place, technically, they pass through that hot air, because their density is higher than the rising air .

#6 Where Life Is Possible

452 15 Most Amazing Atmosphere of the Earth


Part of the troposphere where life can exist is called the biosphere. This layer is upward from the surface of the Earth (which includes places submarines) the maximum height where birds can fly. Furthermore, this is not the case of transformations oxygen and carbon dioxide occurs.

#5 Stay Warm! (But Not Too Warm)

453 15 Most Amazing Atmosphere of the Earth


Gases in the atmosphere trap the Earth and reflect infrared rays, or, simply speaking, the heat which are issued by the sun. Otherwise, the Earth would be so cold that life as we know it would not be possible. However, there is also a danger in this because of global warming environmentalists warn us about. Towards the middle of this century, it is believed that the average temperature of the Earth to be 3-8 degrees Fahrenheit higher than now.

#4 Energy from the Sky

1185 15 Most Amazing Atmosphere of the Earth

Although this does not make sense at first, but it is nevertheless true. We get more energy from the sky as the sun. Everything radiates energy: Sun to the Earth, the Earth space and the atmosphere also radiates energy. Besides the sun to keep us warm, we get a lot of heat energy that comes from heaven. This is what keeps us warm at night.

#3 What Color Is the Sky?

1186 15 Most Amazing Atmosphere of the Earth

Blue, right? In fact, if we judge by the color of the sky color the most prominent dispersed in the atmosphere, the sky is purple. However, the reason why we see the blue sky appearing is quite simple. Our human eyes are more sensitive to blue rather than purple. This makes the expression “Is not this the blue sky?” Rather outdated, do not you think?

#2 How Much Does the Atmosphere Weight?

1187 15 Most Amazing Atmosphere of the Earth


Ever stopped to ponder the question of how all this weight of air? Scientists have determined that once. The whole atmosphere of our planet weighs 5.3 quadrillion tons! Keep in mind that a quadrillion is 1,000 billion.

#1 Pollution

1188 15 Most Amazing Atmosphere of the Earth


Unfortunately, although we are very grateful to the atmosphere, through the ages, especially since the time of technological advancements, people do not value as they should. Air we all breathe becomes incredibly polluted by various fumes from factories, plants, cars, and many other things. If we want to leave the Earth in decent condition for our descendants, it is now time to do something about it.

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