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Top 100 Social Networking Sites

Top 100 Social Networking Sites

2013 Top Most Popular Social Networking Sites


1. Facebook


facebook logo Top 100 Social Networking Sites


2. Twitter


explore twitter s evolution 2006 to present 26da93b8c51 Top 100 Social Networking Sites


3. LinkedIn


 Top 100 Social Networking Sites


4. Pinterest


pinterest logo Top 100 Social Networking Sites


5. MySpace


myspace logo Top 100 Social Networking Sites


6. Google Plus+


Google Plus+ Top 100 Social Networking Sites


7. DeviantArt


Deviantart logo Top 100 Social Networking Sites


8. LiveJournal


1396 1 2013 01 27473804 Top 100 Social Networking Sites


9. Tagged


Tagged Logo Top 100 Social Networking Sites


10. Orkut


orkut Top 100 Social Networking Sites


11. CafeMom


cafemom logo Top 100 Social Networking Sites


12. Ning


ning logo Top 100 Social Networking Sites


13. Meetup


meetup logo Top 100 Social Networking Sites


14. myLife


green mylife logo1 Top 100 Social Networking Sites


15. Multiply


Multiply Top 100 Social Networking Sites



Exactly how much time do you invest online?


Top 100 Social networking sites is really useful in SEO? Social Media Marketing will really help you gain traffic on your website.According to a time use study put together by comScore Media Metric, the typical American spends 33.9 hours on the Internet weekly. Depending upon age and other demographics, this number can double! And for those fortunate individuals whose line of works depend primarily on computer systems: the Internet commands their lives and they are never not linked.

Computers have actually significantly changed the technological landscape. The Internet has actually assisted in efficiency in a variety of offline procedures. We utilize the internet to interact with our household, good friends and company associates in real-time chats. Books and various other multimedia are available for online viewing and instant download. We can even look for presents online – often offered at a deeper price cut than in brick-and-mortar establishments! The Internet has transformed the method that we live, as we now spend one-sixth of our lives in the digital world.

Exhibition 1: 100 Most-Visited Websites by classification, according to Google Ad Planner

Where are we in fact investing our time online?

Google has assembled a list of the 100 most-visited internet sites in the United States. (Being the modest company that they are, Google has actually selected to omit their website and stats from the research study.) These 100 internet sites are sorted into six categories: social networking, search engines, shopping, home entertainment, business and software application.

The Internet can deliver information instantaneously, so normally online search engine and other information-related sites make up the most popular classification – sites ranging from web portals, such as Yahoo! and Bing, to encyclopedias and various other how-to pages, such as Wikipedia and eHow. Closely trailing online search engine are online shopping and various other e-commerce sites – pages such as Amazon, eBay and Walmart – followed, in descending order, by the classifications Entertainment, Social Networking, Business and Software.

Social networks are specified as any and all sites that are individual communities, expert networks, blog sites, dating neighborhoods, offer of the day websites and other content sharing websites. It is significant that social networking sites occupy the 4th largest category, as these websites have actually just gained appeal within the past few years. In truth, 2 of the leading three sites in America are “social” sites. The top site, Facebook, is the biggest social network worldwide with over 800 million devoted users. YouTube trails behind this social giant as the 2nd most popular social network, and the 3rd most popular internet site in the US.

Which social websites are Americans frequenting the most?

Americans have ended up being totally soaked up in the social networking infrastructure. According to Nielsen, social media has actually involved 22 % of our complete time online. The graph, “Total Reach of Social Networks,” discloses the percentage of Americans that are logged-in to the 15 most-popular networks in the nation. The most popular social network is Facebook, with a complete nationwide reach of over 67 %. Close in distance is YouTube, with 54.7 % of the populace viewing, sharing and commenting on videos uploaded by others around the globe. Various other social networks are used by less than half of the populace – networks such as Twitter and LinkedIn, and blogging sites such as Blogspot and WordPress.

Another sub-category of social networks has actually made it to the top-100. Within the past year, the deal-of-the-day industry has actually grown. There are lots of competing internet sites, however the two that have so far produced the bulk of the traffic and took the largest marketing share are Living Social and Groupon. Consumers flock to these websites for the excellent price cuts on a variety of products, services and activities. Just 5 % of the United States populace is linked to these websites. Nonetheless, in another year it is predicted that the reach of these sites will more than function as the appeal of these websites is increasing at a passionate rate.

Exhibition 2: Total Reach of Social Networks in the United States, according to Google Advertisement Planner

Which Americans are on social networks?

Of the 310 million individuals in the United States, a minimum of 210 million are actively taking part in social networks. Who are these people? According to Google, most of users are women. Ladies are more active participants in social networking sites than their equivalents. Females are especially more active on deal of the day social networks – where users generally sign up in order to get vouchers. In reality, the just social network where men have the higher presence is LinkedIn, the world’s biggest expert network. This could be associated to the reality that guys hold higher-level positions in the US workforce than ladies. Currently out of the running Fortune 500 business, there are just 16 female CEOs (as informed by USA Today). Much more surprising is that this is the greatest variety of women that have ever held this position at the exact same time.

Exhibit 3: Social Media Usage by Gender in the US, according to Google Advertisement Planner

In regards to age, the correlation shows that younger individuals choose more active social networks, whereas older people prefer networks where there is an emphasis on content retrieval. Elderly people are most active on offer of the day websites, which offer coupons and various other group price cuts for those that decided to lead active way of livings. On the other hand, the media of option for younger generations appear to be networks where regular, active participation is encouraged. Teens and children flock to social sharing websites such as YouTube and Photobucket, an image hosting website. For young people, blog sites and various other weblog sites that assist in remarks and sharing are most popular. In general, the group that has the largest presence on social media is grownups. Most of the users of the 15 most-visited social websites are between the ages of 35 and 54 years of age.

Exhibition 4: Social Media Usage by Age in the US, according to Google Ad Planner

How important are demographics?

The Internet and technologies that make the Internet more easily accessible for us have been highly installed into contemporary culture. Laptop computers, mobile phones, tablets and mp3 players with Internet gain access to are eaten by all age groups. Internet users leave to the internet not just for info, however also to go shopping, communicate and consume multimedia. The increase in Internet consumption has led us to invest more time in the digital world and less time in the genuine world – one-sixth less time to be precise.

The media patterns of target audiences are altering. Online marketers have to redevelop their advertising approaches in order to better influence target audiences and promote them to eat. The most effective marketers are those that have the ability to reach their audiences with several channels. In contemporary America, this requires incorporating an online marketing technique.

Using the demographics of our perfect buyer persona, we can find out which websites our target audiences are frequenting. These trending internet sites will verify to be the very best online locations to market to these people. If the optimal buyer is a 35 year old soccer mommy, then research reveals that it would serve to promote on deal of the day websites that females in this age group have a tendency to frequent. Additionally, if our perfect prospect is a business executive that works long hours for a prestigious law company, LinkedIn ads would be the unassailable method to go.

All in all, social networking sites reveals us that demographics matter. Utilizing elements such as age, gender and citizenship we can determine an online marketing method that will lead to efficient advertising outcomes. More targeted marketing leads to increased sales and a healthier company.

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