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7 Top Summer Safety Tips for Kids

7 Top Summer Safety Tips for Kids

Summer means many children will play outside, but it is important to have a safety checklist in mind to protect children while having fun. Here are some tips to keep in mind for the safety of children. Put this safety checklist on your refrigerator or bulletin board of the family as a reminder of ways to keep your children safe and avoid injury or accidents of meddling in summer fun family.

1. Practice Sun Safety

When it comes to protecting their children from the sun, sunscreen plays an important role. But sunscreen is just one of the ways to protect against the sun’s harmful rays. Because the sun’s rays can be reflected from the sand and water or other reflective surfaces, hats and sunglasses can also play an important role in preventing UV rays.

sunscreenback 7 Top Summer Safety Tips for Kids

2. Protect Against Bugs

Insects are one of the annoyances of summer. But insects such as mosquitoes potentially carrying diseases and bees can also be harmful to children. To protect your child against insects:

Kinds of Insect Repellent 1636 7 Top Summer Safety Tips for Kids

3. Prevent Dehydration

Whether your child is playing soccer with his teammates or running in the park with some friends, it is important to note that frequent water breaks are very important to prevent dehydration. Your child should drink water before exercise and during breaks, which should be about every 15-20 minutes. In particularly hot and humid days, it is also a good idea for parents with children Spray some water from a spray bottle.

drinking 2058912c 7 Top Summer Safety Tips for Kids

4. Don’t Forget Helmets

Your child should wear a helmet ever found in anything with wheels, like a motorcycle, bicycle or skates. The helmet is the most important device that can reduce head injury and death from a bicycle accident, according to Safe Kids USA. And be sure to set a good example by always wearing a helmet when cycling.

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5. Practice Food Safety

Foodborne illnesses increase in the summer because bacteria grow faster in warmer temperatures and humidity. In addition, more people are eating and preparing food outdoors at picnics and barbecues, where refrigeration and places to wash their hands is not easy to get.

Food Safety Practices 7 Top Summer Safety Tips for Kids

6. Guard Against Drowning

Each year, over 830 children under 14 die from accidental drowning, and an average of 3,600 children are injured in near-drowning incidents. Between May and August, drowning deaths among children increase by a whopping 89 percent. If you have a pool or if your child will be close to one, which is crucial to put multiple safety measures in place to protect children.

lifepreserver 7 Top Summer Safety Tips for Kids

7. Avoid Trampoline Danger

More than 90,000 emergency room visits related to trampoline injuries in 2001, according to U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). Some trampoline safety tips: Never allow more than one child to use the trampoline at a time, do not let children do somersaults, and do not allow children under 6 games in a full-size trampoline, and move the trampoline away from structures or other play areas.

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8. Warn kids about hiding in enclosed spaces.

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