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9 Unusual Models

9 Unusual Models

The Woman with Muscular Dystrophy That Applied to be a Fashion Model as a Joke and Got the Job

a98868 model 1 muscular dystrophy 9 Unusual Models

The 85-Year-Old Model That Still Models in Lingerie

a98868 model 2 oldest 9 Unusual Models

The Cross-Eyed Model Who Is Challenging Fashion Beauty Standards

a98868 model 3 cross eyed 9 Unusual Models

The Amputee, Former Marine Who Enjoys a Second Career as a Fitness Model

a98868 model 4 amputee 9 Unusual Models

The Woman Who Holds The Record For Tallest Model at 6’8” Tall

a98868 model 5 worlds tallest 9 Unusual Models

The Woman Who Works as a Male Model

a98868 model 6 females as man 9 Unusual Models

The Plus Size Model Who Holds the Record For World’s Largest Hips

a98868 model 7 largest hip1 9 Unusual Models

The Ugly Men and Women That Are Part of the Staff of Ugly Models, a Modeling Agency for Ugly People

a98868 model 8 ugly 9 Unusual Models

The 72-Year-Old Grandpa Who Found Fame Modeling Teen Girl Outfits

a98868 model 9 grandpa 9 Unusual Models

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