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Dangerous Creatures That Crawled Out Of Your Nightmares

Dangerous Creatures That Crawled Out Of Your Nightmares

Here are ten real animals, so dangerous, disturbing, or at least, butt-ugly, which inspired the occasional bad dream. The nightmare, however, would wake up with a monster sitting on your chest. Sleep well!


Giant Isopod



We’ll start with perhaps the least harmless. A treasure of the deep sea that puts your local harmless woodlice shame bentophages these scavengers can reach up to about a foot in length. Close your eyes and imagine sitting in the garden, playing with bugs potatoes when this thing gets jealous and comes hurtling down the bushes to turn. An impossible scenario given the isopods are guys kinda deep water, but you can see why a super-size version of one bug cute enough to handle the material is a nightmare. In addition you’ve seen how they ravaged the tuna in the clip?


Bombardier Beetle



Aww, that looks like a small weevil! Why is he on the list? Chemical warfare. This little beetle is about as cute as a beetle can be, and the largest are tiny at best. Material nightmare? Not at all. But it is not called the bombardier beetle for nothing. When threatened, the beetle is its convenient cul-nozzle at its aggressor, and renders instantly regret their choice of dinner. At the end of the abdomen, two separate chambers hydroquinone and store hydrogen peroxide. When threatened, the beetle contracts rooms, the combination of two materials which react violently and produce a spray about the same temperature as the boiling point of water. The video speaks for itself.


Giant Pacific Octopus


giant pacific octopus tm Dangerous Creatures That Crawled Out Of Your Nightmares

It would have been too easy to include a number of squid, but I think it was time for the giant octopus to get some recognition. Normally shy by nature, the octopus can be deadly when it wants to be, as evidenced by this video a little too dramatic. But the main source of material nightmare is size. While 33 pounds does not seem too bad a arm span of 14 feet just looks terrible. I will not dwell on the venomous beak.


Giant Anaconda


Of course, at least one huge snake had to the list. This is not the longest snake, but at 20 feet and 550 pounds, he is the greatest. Snakes living in the wetlands regularly lunch jaguars and caymans. Humans tend to be a little too big for breakfast, lunch or dinner, but it is not rare. Keep children close in South America.




image033 tm Dangerous Creatures That Crawled Out Of Your Nightmares

Oh! Cruel joke on my part! I went with the less known scientific name, so you Arachnophobic slow-changers would run head in the image … The camel spider. While the first spider on our list (yeah, FIRST) is not really technically a spider, you cringed anyway. Too Camel spiders belong to a distinct separate order as (but not the same as) the scorpions and fishermen. While many different species actually inhabit territories around the world (including Australia), the best known is the inhabitants of the desert (they can also be found in grassland or forest habitats). Many urban legends exist, largely exaggerating the qualities of these monsters. You want to be one of the (un) lucky few who have already attended a sample of more than 3 inches if you could see such a thing. But the leg span can reach up to 5 inches. Other myths are that human numb and eat some of them while they sleep, disembowel camels, scream or squeal, and jump into the air. All wrong. Although creatures have been known to hit up to 10 miles per hour.




961540 stone fish 1 tm Dangerous Creatures That Crawled Out Of Your Nightmares

You walk along a beautiful beach, shin-deep in the sparkling, tumultuous waves. You can feel the stones covered with algae under your feet. You enter the greatest on small, feel with your bare toes. Suddenly, you feel a sting on the bottom of your foot. You Yelp In pain, running out of water, and watch the little prick on the bottom of your foot. The neurotoxin of the most venomous fish in the world is getting into your body, and the countdown begins. You should seek help immediately, otherwise you will face death. Fish disguised convincingly as a rock, conducts its business, edgy in addition to the intrusion. You run to get help, trying not to step on the wound caused by venomous fish sting on his spine.


Lion’s Mane Jellyfish


jelly3 tm Dangerous Creatures That Crawled Out Of Your Nightmares

This fairly common jellyfish is not really too bad overall. It varies in size, its bite is very painful but rarely fatal (although it can leave a nasty burn), and that’s pretty much it. In general, it is not the best candidate for a list of nightmarish creatures but Lion Mane Jellyfish has been known to grow to immense sizes. The bell of the jellyfish can reach up to 8 meters in diameter and tentacles can drag up to 100 feet! Now, visualize yourself immersed in the wide open ocean with one of these releases for company.


Black Mamba


blackmamba tm Dangerous Creatures That Crawled Out Of Your Nightmares

Black Mamba has sunbathing, eating rodents and birds, and the fight against elephants. This snake may exceed 8 feet in length. Regarding venomous snakes go, Black Mambas are beaten only by 16 feet made ​​by the King Cobra. But why the Black Mamba here, not the cobra? Well, every snake runs when he can, and attack when cornered. Except the Black Mamba. It works normally, but when he is frightened, his instinct is to bite and run, even though she had plenty of time to slip away. In addition, it has been known, when pursued, just enough to run and turn to face her attacker. These snakes can also slide at speeds up to 12 miles per hour, and one bite is enough to kill 20-25 grown men.


Honey Badger



Those who have heard of the Honey Badger know very well why he is on the list. For those who do not know, let me tell you. Firstly, I know. “Honey Badger”? On this list? Does not sound that bad. Actually, it kind of sounds like an animal, I would not mind having as a pet. I think I could probably supply the chips through the hole in the door of my screen. Well, no. Not you value your fingers. Honey badgers are the most aggressive animals alive. They will eat venomous snakes, stand up against elephants and eating honey straight from the hive while being invaded by bees. And African bees are at the origin of ultra-aggressive killer bees known to terrorize the Western Hemisphere. They will quickly develop their weaknesses and attack enemies constantly (ie gonads on a human male). I’ll send everyone a quote directly from Wikipedia:


Sydney Funnel Web Spider


funnelweb 431x300 tm Dangerous Creatures That Crawled Out Of Your Nightmares

Oh, Australia, what beautiful, majestic creatures you. Beautiful and majestic creatures, I mean marsupials, poisonous snakes, and the terrible God Sydney Funnel web spider. Incredibly aggressive, dark and brilliant color, with huge fangs and worse attitude likely killer, being bitten by one of these things should be on your “things to never do ever” list. Spiders burrow or s’ installed in the trees, creating tunnels with traps and lines of travel so that they know when to open the door.


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