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Sun’s 15 Awesome Energy

Sun’s 15 Awesome Energy

#15 When Was the First Solar Energy Collector Used?

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British astronomer John Herschel used a solar thermal collector box. This device helped cook food during an expedition to Africa in the 1830s. A solar collector box absorbs sunlight to collect heat, which can be used later for various purposes.

 #14 How Does Sun Produce Energy?

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Our sun produces energy like other stars of the main sequence. It is done by thermonuclear fusion reaction of the hydrogen in helium. Every second, the Sun fuses 620 million metric tons of hydrogen! On Earth, we are also lucky because the sun is in the top 5% of the stars in the Milky Way when it comes to brightness and size.

#13 How Much Energy Do We Get?

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Not all the energy coming from Sun to Earth. It is a good thing, and that is a bad thing. Bad thing because we could use more of it. However, it is also a good thing because life on Earth would not have been possible if the Sun was more massive and brighter. The sun’s energy is emitted in all directions and only a small fraction – half-billionth part – is for us.

#12 Earth’s Picky Atmosphere

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The atmosphere of the Earth may seem difficult at times. Energy that the Earth receives from the Sun, we reject 34% of it back into space. This occurs because the clouds, ice and snow simply reflect light. This quality of thinking is called “albedo.”

#11 When Was Solar Energy First Used?

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People used solar energy for some time now. There are more than 2700 years, people have begun to harness the power of our star. Back in 700 BC, glass lenses were used to make fire by magnifying the sun’s rays.

#10 Transforming the Energy

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One of the main advantages of solar energy is that it can be transformed into other forms of energy: thermal, chemical, electrical, mechanical, and others. For example, plants use energy from the Sun to develop, transform it into fuel that allows animals to live and grow.

#9 Using Solar Panels

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The light produced by the sun can be converted into electricity by solar panels. These panels are called “photovoltaic”. This stored energy can be used to power home appliances. Biomass energy is also maintained in organic materials such as wood, cereals, and peat. Wood and peat can be burned to release the heat while the grains can be fermented to ethanol and used as fuel.

#8 Using Sun’s Energy in Space

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Since 1958, solar energy has been used for spacecraft power on space missions. These stations as the International Space Station (ISS) often use solar energy to produce energy. It makes sense to do so, because in outer space, sunlight is filtered and more powerful.

#7 Cheaper Fuel

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As the old saying goes, “The sun shines on the good and bad people alike.” We get solar energy for free, so the only cost involved in the use of this source of energy is the cost of technology to transform and store this energy. Consequently, after the initial investment, the cost of operation is much lower compared to all other energy sources, such as fossil fuels.

#6 The Future of Energy

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It is estimated that by 2025, utility-scale solar energy will become cost competitive with natural gas. The potential use of this energy source is great because it is almost inexhaustible. Granted, the Sun will be in about 4.5 billion years, but, hopefully, until then a new source of energy will be invented.

#5 Reliable Energy

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Solar energy is a good option when deciding on sources of energy use because of its reliability. The sun gives us light on a daily basis throughout the year. This is the energy that sustains our very lives as well as maintaining the natural processes of the Earth will.

#4 Environmentally Friendly Energy

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Solar energy produces no waste or pollute the atmosphere, so it is environmentally acceptable. If implemented on a global scale, the use of this energy source can improve the quality damaged by the use of fossil fuels environment. It is time to think about our descendants and leave the planet in good shape for them to use.

#3 Where is the Largest Power Plant?

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The largest solar plant in the world is located in Kramer Junction, Mojave Desert, USA. It is so huge that it covers 1000 acres! This facility has been used since 1980 and is responsible for the majority of solar electricity produced today by the electricity sector. In total there are 12 solar power plants in the United States: one is located in Nevada and 11 in California.

#2 Solar Energy in Nevada

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An air base in Nevada rose from the use of traditional energy solar energy sources on site. This has helped save more than $ 83,000 per month! Although this is a large project, the implementation of solar panels at home is also a very useful idea and a good investment.

#1 How Is Solar Energy Collected?

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The solar power plant in Mojave uses so-called parabolic. A parabolic trough collector has a long parabolic reflector that concentrates the sun’s rays onto a receiver tube located at the focus of the parabola. When the sun moves, the collector tilts so it can collect energy throughout the day.

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