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Top 10 Cryptids For Real

Top 10 Cryptids For Real

Cryptozoology, the study of “hidden animals”, cares for animals whose existence has not yet been recognized by mainstream science. These animals are called “cryptids”, are often the stuff of legends, written off as myths or hoaxes developed. Some famous cryptids are Bigfoot, the Loch Ness monster, and El Chupacabra, which remain shrouded in mystery. However, the many widely accepted today among these animals were once cryptids. the following ten creatures were once dismissed by science as products of folklore, fantasy, or deception, but they are now officially recognized as their own species .


Devil Bird


20071219063642 Top 10 Cryptids For Real


The Devil Bird or Ulama, is a scary bird horns Sri Lankan folklore. This elusive creature is rarely seen, but often heard in the form of his infamous, the blood-curdling screams. His screams are supposed to look like a woman crying and are perceived by the local population as an omen of death. For centuries, nocturnal cries of the Devil Bird were the only evidence of its existence, Western science has written so broadly as mere superstition.




cuvier3 Top 10 Cryptids For Real


In medieval folklore, cavirostris, or “water-Owl” was a nautical monstrous creature said to attack ships in the North Sea. He had the body of a fish and the head of an owl, complete with huge eyes and a beak-shaped corner. “cavirostris”, which means “sword-like” in Latin, may refer to the fin of the beast, which was said to pierce the hulls of ships as sword.




dendmba1 Top 10 Cryptids For Real


The Bondegezou (“man of the forest”) is a legendary ancestral spirit of Moni people in western Indonesia. Described as an arboreal creature, the Bondegezou looks like a small man covered in black and white fur. It is said to be a climber, but is often found on the ground in a bipedal position.




kangaroo Top 10 Cryptids For Real


The early explorers of Australia described strange creatures never seen by Europeans. They wrote creatures with heads like deer stood like men and hopped like frogs. Creatures sometimes sported two heads – one on their shoulders, and the other on your stomach. These accounts were naturally rejected and ridiculed by other colleagues.




platypus zoom Top 10 Cryptids For Real


When European naturalists first encountered this strange creature, they were naturally confused. Accounts described as a venomous, egg-laying mammal with a duckbill and a beaver tail. Many prominent British scientists have found a hoax when presented with a sketch and fur, in 1798. Even when offered a corpse, the researchers suspected that this was a complex system, fraud sewn together.


Sea Serpent


oarfish Top 10 Cryptids For Real


For centuries, the sea serpent has persisted as the most captivating cryptozoological mystery in the world. The observations of these mysterious and often frightening creatures had plenty throughout history, even until the early twentieth century. Waters of northern Europe to the North American east coast, tales of serpentine, aquatic animals of colossal proportions dot the globe. Their descriptions vary from horse-headed creatures with massive snakes.


Komodo Dragon


komodo dragon 04tfk Top 10 Cryptids For Real


In the early twentieth century, Western science had determined that the giant lizards were nothing more than a relic of the prehistoric past. Thus, when the pearl fishers returning from the Little Sunda Islands, Indonesia, with stories of monstrous crocodiles “land”, their accounts were greeted with overwhelming skepticism. A copy of the Zoological Museum of Buitenzorg, Java, produced a report on the creatures, but the legendary Komodo dragons faded into oblivion as the World War I precedence.


Mountain Gorilla


greatholidaygorilla Top 10 Cryptids For Real


For centuries, stories of great “ape-men” in East Africa have captivated explorers and natives alike. Many tribes have legends of massive hairy creatures who kidnap and eat humans, their irresistible with their ferocity and strength. Creatures go by many names, among them Ngila, NGAGI and Enge-ENA. In the sixteenth century, the English explorer Andrew Battel spoke of anthropoid apes who surrendered his campfire at night, and in 1860, the explorer Chaillu wrote violent, bloodthirsty monsters of the forest. Until the twentieth century, most of these stories have been ignored or.




okapi 2 Top 10 Cryptids For Real


Tribes of Central Africa and the ancient Egyptians described and depicted a bizarre creature for centuries, colloquially known as the “African unicorn” by the Europeans. It is locally known by names such as Atti, or O’api, resembling a cross between a zebra, a donkey and a giraffe. Despite descriptions of explorers and even skins, Western science has rejected the existence of such a creature, seeing it as nothing more than a pipe dream fantasy real animals. determined expeditions found nothing, and it seems that the “African unicorn” was just as legendary as its namesake.


Giant Squid


061222 giant squid 1 Top 10 Cryptids For Real


Tales of huge squid were circulated around the world since ancient times. Aristotle and Pliny the Elder described two such monsters, legends such as Lusca (Caribbean), Scylla (ancient Greece) and the sea monk (medieval Europe) describe, often dangerous marine bizarre creature. Perhaps the most famous legendary squid is the Norse Kraken, a monstrous sprawling monster as large as an island that ships devoured. Before the 1870s, scientific opinion held these creatures as nothing more than ridiculous myths, tied with mermaids or sea snakes

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