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Top 10 Women’s Most Expensive Shoes

Top 10 Women’s Most Expensive Shoes

vf banner2 Top 10 Womens Most Expensive Shoes

10. Borgezie Stilettos – Sole Price: $216, 000

Borgezie Stilettos Top 10 Womens Most Expensive Shoes

In collaboration with renowned jewelry designer Christopher Michael Shellis the House of Borgezie produces a type Borgezie Stiletto. Take a full team of goldsmiths, this exquisite pair is pure gold decorated with over 2200 diamonds made​​. These shoes come with a guarantee of 1,000 years, this way great, great granddaughter of your little girl can leg in a style too. Totally more than 30 carats of diamonds in the couple, it’s a shame they do not come with bodyguards.

9. Stuart Weitzman ‘Diamond Dream’ Stilettos – Sole Price: $500,000

diamonddream Top 10 Womens Most Expensive Shoes

In an effort to make a shoe dream girls, Stuart Weitzman has joined forces with designer diamond jewelry Kwiat. This pair has 1, 420 brilliant-cut diamonds, with a value of more than 30 carats. Make an appearance on the Oscar red carpet in 2007, these shoes are the stars than any actress who can wear. The stylish ankle bracelet with the simple result of the front strap in Stuart Weitzman aiming for a “Diamond Dream”.

8. Stuart Weitzman Retro Rose Pumps – Sole Price: $1,000,000

Stuart Weitzman Retro Rose Pumps Top 10 Womens Most Expensive Shoes

Adorning this list once more are the Stuart Weitzman Retro Rose pumps. Crossing the threshold million pumps based on those of 1940 are more than 1,800 diamonds. This classic retro style is an ideal shoe for a woman of any style. Placed on refined gold leather of each shoe is a diamond-encrusted rose housing 100 carats each. The final touch is the elegant anklet T-shaped making this shoe ideal for any occasion.

7. Stuart Weitzman ‘Platinum Guild’ Stiletto – Sole Price: $1,090,000

most expensive shoes platinum guild stilletto1 Top 10 Womens Most Expensive Shoes

Maintain its presence in the high count down, S Pen Platinum Guild “Stuart Weitzman takes the place of No. 7. This pair comes with 464 diamonds, pear-shaped and round Kwiat. One of the few stones were then placed on the straps of this unique pure masterpiece platinum. What makes this pair are even removable which can be worn as jewelry, making it the perfect pair for a woman Elite versatile.

6. Stuart Weitzman Ruby Slippers – Sole Price: $1,600,000

Stuart Weitzman Ruby Slippers Top 10 Womens Most Expensive Shoes

Stuart Weitzman has designed some of the most expensive shoes in the world. These were specially made for the Oscars 2003. Although they have never done this on the red carpet, both inlaid Ruby made ​​the No. 6 on the countdown. The pair is integrated with 642 Burmese rubies value of 123.33 carats. These gemstones were methodically placed on more than half a kilo of pure platinum covered with a smooth red satin finish. Oscar Heyman Bros. Jewelers joined hands with Stuart Weitzman to produce the “Wizard of Oz” classic inspired.

5. Stuart Weitzman Cinderella Slippers – Sole Price: $2,000,000

StuartWeitzmanCinderella Top 10 Womens Most Expensive Shoes

Stuart Weitzman is again shows with Cinderella’s slippers, and no, they are not glass. Instead, these slippers are bearish fantasy theme 565 diamonds for a total weight of 55 carats between the two shoes. On the right, slipper, you can find one 5 Karat amaretto diamond worth $ 1 million itself. The diamond is on fine Italian leather with a slight golden touch. If Cinderella wore this stunning pair, you can be sure she never lost at midnight.

4. Stuart Weitzman Tanzanite Heels  – Sole Price: $2,000,000

tanzanite sandals copy Top 10 Womens Most Expensive Shoes

Wearing the label once again heels are Tanzanite created my master creator of Stuart Weitzman shoes. This amazing Bejeweled has 385 gems. The ankle strap only has 185 carats of rare gem called African Tanzanite. To add brightness ratio is 28 carats worth of diamonds on the front strap by international organizations designer jewelry The Kian. The 213 carats in total are sitting on the soft Italian leather money.

3. Ruby Slippers from the “Wizard of Oz” – Sole Price: $2,000,000-$3,000,000

ruby slippers1 Top 10 Womens Most Expensive Shoes

“The Wizard of Oz” is new notice on the ground 3. This original pair seen in the 1939 movie transported Dorothy back to Kansas after clicking his heels three times. Unfortunately, these shoes will carry you home from your desk, but they will turn heads. Found in the “Icons of Hollywood” auction in 2011, the classic Judy Garland are really Hollywood memorabilia. Even if they remain unsold at auction, these shoes kick off the trio with their estimated price.

2. Harry Winston’s Ruby Slippers  – Sole Price: $3,000,000

Harry Winston Ruby Slippers Top 10 Womens Most Expensive Shoes

As a tribute to the 50th anniversary of “The Wizard of Oz” of the House of Harry Winston presented the Red Shoes in 1989. Designed by Ronald Winston, these slippers are inlaid with rubies 4600 along with 50 carats of diamonds. Master craftsman Javiar Barerra fix gems clever in place during the two months. Rubies are only a weight of 1.350 carats.

1. Stuart Weitzman Rita Heyworth Heels  – Sole Price: $3,000,000

Rita Hayworth heels Top 10 Womens Most Expensive Shoes

It is normal for Stuart Weitzman steals the show once again the No. 1 spot. At the top of our list are the most expensive shoes in the world created by Stuart Weitzman inspired by favorite ears of loops actress Rita Heyworth 1940. These shoes are soaked in diamonds, sapphires and rubies and were originally created for the 2006 Oscars to be worn by Kathleen York. Yasim Princess Aga Khan, whose mother inspired shoe, now owns them.

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